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Native Healing Herbals

Plantain & Colloidal Silver Cream


A natural healing cream - handmade from native medicinal herbs.
This cream is beneficial to all skin complaints, especially helpful for wounds, hemorrhoids and infected sites.


Olive oil,
Plantain leaves,
Coloidal Silver,
Vege glycerine



65ml   $29.00


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"People always ask me why does my skin look so good and I say kawakawa balm morning and night!" 60 year old man

"Im sending some of my patients down to the shop to get some of your balms, you know a lot of them cant get into the bush to pick the plants themselves..."Local doctor

"Kawakawa balm and calendula balm are our best selling medicinal topical products..."Manager health food store

"my grandmother has had an ulcer on her leg for months and nothing that the doctors were putting on it was helping so I put on some of your kawakawa and within a week it had healed, it was amazing..."
Karen, kaitaia

"My son has had eczema his whole life and we started using the kawakawa and it's gone for the first time ever..."Customer at health food shop

"Just wanted you to know that this stuff is amazing…I'm sure you hear it all the time but nothing works on my eczema as soon as I started using the kawakawa it stopped itching and now its actually going away..."
Participant from balm making workshop


Plantain & Colloidal Silver Continued -


There are no known side effects in using Plantain & Colloidal Silver Cream , however people who suffer allergies should try any new products with caution.



Common name: Plantain
Botanical name:
Plantago major – broad leafed plantain
Plantago lanceolata – narrow leafed plantain

The Saxons recorded the broad leafed variety as one of the nine sacred herbs, and migrants through the ages have taken it with them to other countries, so that in countries like New Zealand and America it has often been called ‘Englishman’s foot’.

Medicinal Action and Properties---Refrigerant, diuretic, deobstruent and somewhat astringent. Has been used in inflammation of the skin, malignant ulcers, intermittent fever, etc., and as a vulnerary, and externally as a stimulant application to sores. Applied to a bleeding surface, the leaves are of some value in arresting haemorrhage, but they are useless in internal haemorrhage, although they were formerly used for bleeding of the lungs and stomach, consumption and dysentery. The fresh leaves are applied whole or bruised in the form of a poultice. Rubbed on parts of the body stung by insects, nettles, etc., or as an application to burns and scalds, the leaves will afford relief and will stay the bleeding of minor wounds.

Colloidal Silver:
Silver has had some medicinal uses going back for centuries. Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles. Medical uses include its incorporation into wound dressings to treat external infections, and its use as an antiseptic and disinfectant

Bees wax amongst other bee products have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Bees wax contains compounds called "wax esthers" these exist in both bees wax and human skin. Bees Wax is a hydrating ingredient that increases skins essential moisture. Bees wax is used commercially and in dental and medical uses, in salves, ointments, pill coatings, adhesive waxes and for impression and base plate wax.

Olive Oil
Commonly used in cooking, olive oil has numerous benefits for medicinal use. High in Vitamin E, olive oil is a pure fat which in which bacteria does not grow. Olive oil can be used in many aplications, as a skin moisturiser, cleanser, baby skin care alternative to lotions and talcum powders - also is effective externally for insect sting relief.



Kawakawa Balm