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Native Healing Herbals Muscle Balm


A natural healing cream - handmade from medicinal herbs.
Combining medicinal herbs grown in New Zealand.

Apply this cream liberally to aching joints, muscles and sports injuries.


Hypericum tincture,
Comphrey, Tupakihi, Arnica tincture,
Beeswax, Manuka oil,
Vege glycerine, Olive Oil

*All natural & where possible organic

65ml   $38.00


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"I've been using the Native Healing Balm to massage into my thighs and back it helps heaps..." Sports injury patient, North Island.


"I need a big container of hypericum and comfrey it's all I use in my massage clinic it is so good." - Massage Therapist, Northland.


Muscle Balm Continued -


All Native Healing Herbals - Tia's From Heaven balms and creams are made then instilled with reiki a form of ancient, hands on energy healing to ensure that the user gets the utmost healing possible.
Herbs are picked according to the moon phases.
Karakia is said before picking and also at the finishing stages of making.

Individual herbs are combined to give a very powerful healing remedy.
These notes highlight the main uses for each balm or cream however there are many possible healing applications.
Balm or cream applications are not specific you can't overdose.
Simply apply as needed. Often it is beneficial to massage the balm into the affected area. Alternatively apply a hot cloth over the cream and sore area to act as a poultice.

There are no known side effects in using Muscle Balm, however people who suffer allergies should try any new products with caution.

Common name: Comfrey or Knitbone
Botanical name: Symphytum officinale

Comfrey is a herbaceous perennial herb originating in Europe. It has large, hairy leaves and grows to 1 m in height. The mauve flowers are bell-like and form clusters.

Cultivated for centuries, Comfrey is known to have been used since around 400 BC as a medicinal herb. It's name is derived from Latin meaning "to grow together", which describes the uses of this plant. Proven by modern science, the herb contains allantoin, a cell proliferant which speeds up the natural replacement of body cells by encouraging cell division.

Common name: St John's Wort or Klamath weed
Botanical name: Hypericum perforatum

Originally found in Europe and the United States,St. John's wort can be used externally in a balm for the skin, a treatment for external ulcers, wounds, cuts, and bruises.
Possibly better known for alleviating symptoms of depression with fewer side effects than many conventional antidepressants. It also has useful anti-viral properties, and can be used internally for the nervous system. More>>

Bees wax amongst other bee products have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Bees wax contains compounds called "wax esthers" these exist in both bees wax and human skin. Bees Wax is a hydrating ingredient that increases skins essential moisture. Bees wax is used commercially and in dental and medical uses, in salves, ointments, pill coatings, adhesive waxes and for impression and base plate wax.

Olive Oil
Commonly used in cooking, olive oil has numerous benefits for medicinal use. High in Vitamin E, olive oil is a pure fat which in which bacteria does not grow. Olive oil can be used in many aplications, as a skin moisturiser, cleanser, baby skin care alternative to lotions and talcum powders - also is effective externally for insect sting relief.



Muscle Balm