Honey Dew Honey


Honeydew honey is dark in colour, with a similar taste to golden syrup/treacle.

Delicious with plain yoghurt, on toast, in drinks or with your cereal each morning.




Available in three sizes:

250g $10.00,  500g $14.00 or 1kg $22.00









Nelson Honey's Honeydew is the product of two insect types.

Small scale-insects inhabit the beech forests and produce a sticky sap-like substance, which is collected by the honeybees foraging in the remote native Black and Red Beech forests in the South Island of New Zealand.


The complex sugars (Oligosaccharides) in Honeydew may assist in supporting the body's digestive functions.

Honeydew has unique properties similar to Manuka honey and higher levels of antioxidants compared to other floral honeys.


A sweet earthy flavoured honey is a tasty spread, a healthy sweetener in coffee or a sweetner in marinade.

Available in 250g and 500g and 1kg.